August 18, 2007

Philip K Dick’s FBI files

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This entry provides links to the online location of some of Philip K Dick’s FBI files. These files have long been publicly available, and, since Dick obtained them himself through the Freedom of Information Act, they are presumably also available directly from the FBI itself.

In 2000, a news organization called “APBNews” posted them online. Since anything posted online can very often be recovered, either through Google cache files or through the “Wayback Machine” the fact that APBNews has long since removed them is irrelevant to their availability. [The text of much of this file has already long been posted here–what follows are copies of the original documents.]

Please note that I am linking here to a publicly available document: I store nothing and possess nothing myself!

First, some correspondence by Phil from 1972 referring to his famous break-in and his fears that his books were attracting dangerous attention.

* * *

The file also includes some standard FBI data:

Overall, the file is relatively uninteresting, and the obvious conclusion is that the FBI had relatively little interest in him. People may like to know this before they buy versions of it for $15. APBNews published 31 pages originally, but many are copies of the same page.

“Prior arrests: None admitted” seems like a nice FBI touch though!


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