June 16, 2010

Mapping migration: DeKalb as staging post to the west?

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Check this out. Is DeKalb County (includes parts of Atlanta and city of Decatur where I live) a staging post for people moving west?

From Forbes Magazine.

May 25, 2009

Top Secret — Bigot Maps

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Reproductions of the Top Secret “Bigot” maps used in the Normandy D-Day invasions, June 1944. (Bigot was a secrecy classification.)

According to information on the maps these were produced by the Geographical Service General Staff (GSGS), which I believe was part of the War Office (UK). Who made the maps, or where the information came from (presumably a joint US-UK effort) would be an interesting story if it’s not already told somewhere.

From the Perry-Castañeda library via ww2dday.com site, who seems to have got them from a relative who landed on the “Omaha” beach.

Related story in the NGS Magazine, June 2002.

February 20, 2009

The hypocrimap!

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Great idea from the TPM folks:

It’s one thing to accept money from a piece of legislation you campaigned strenuously against. But we’re seeing more and more stories about Republicans who just got done trashing the stimulus bill in Washington and are now back in their districts taking credit for the spending programs contained in it. A lot of the stories have already been written up. But I think there are many, many more out there. So keep an eye on your local media for examples.

See, politics and mapping do go together!

January 19, 2009

Gaza bombing map

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An updated map of bombing deaths and casualties from December 27 to January 12, 2009 has been posted.

An update is in preparation. The numbers are if anything a bit low, even the US press is reporting that over 1,300 people have died, including at least 500 women and children. (For better coverage in English, try the BBC.)

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January 18, 2009

New York subway map party

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Nice piece in the New Yorker about a party held at John Tauranac’s place to celebrate his redesigned version of the New York subway map.

Tauranac designed the MTA map in 1976 in the following way:

As a teen-ager, Tauranac liked to use the hotel basements and side entrances to travel. “My father was at the Biltmore for years,” Tauranac will say. “It stood above the tracks beneath Grand Central, and so he knew all the passageways. At the time, the early seventies, I was waiting tables at the Promenade Café in Rockefeller Center, and I realized that there must be a way to walk through underground passageways to Grand Central. I had been an English major, so I started to explore and write down the routes, and then it occurred to me that saying ‘Take the third door to the right and go ten steps and turn left’ was the cure for insomnia, so I started charting them instead.” Eventually, the M.T.A. hired Tauranac, and in 1976 he became the chief designer of the new subway map.

But he also did a block by block atlas:

Manhattan Block by Block,” in which he recorded the buildings of note on every street and avenue in Manhattan. He would start out each day with a sheet of paper with blocks pencilled in, and walk the streets and write down what was there. Strangely, he could only work south to north. If he mapped north to south, the map in his head inverted itself, as if he were looking at it upside down. He has no idea why this was so.

November 13, 2008

Maps reveal true “October surprise”

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Updated below.

Maps released on election day (!) reveal one last sell-off of public land and parks by the Bush administration. What a surprise!

My colleagues in the National Park Service were not consulted about this. NYT:

The bureau [of Land Management]’s new maps, made public on Election Day, show not just those empty areas but 40 to 45 new areas where leasing will also be allowed.

The tracts will be sold at auction on Dec. 19, the last lease sale before President Bush leaves office a month later.

Via DK.


mcjoan reports (11/28/08) a partial backdown by the Bush administration in the3 face of a firestorm of opposition about this. Any news like this is good news, but it is not a complete victory.

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November 5, 2008

GOP a regional party?

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This post is known as a “concern troll” but nevertheless.

There is a lot of talk right now on the liberal blogs that the Republican party has been reduced to a regional party. It no longer has national status. It is fueled by maps such as this, showing Democratic gains throughout the country, except in the south:

This is the NYT map that has been bandied around a bit on both geospatial blogs and liberal blogs (for different reasons prhaps). Here is a typical political blog post.

Even MSNBC is getting in on the act:

*** What’s next Grand Old Party: It’s hard not to look at the map — particularly in the House — and not view the GOP as a regional party right now. If it weren’t for the party’s relative strength in the South, the party would be in even worse shape.

Here’s another map, from NYT.

McCain won only the South in the election, with Obama winning the other regions by large margins (59% in the NE for example). One stunning fact is that the last Republican Congressman in New England, Chris Shays, lost his seat yesterday and New England is now totally barren of Republican Congressmen.

All things are temporary of course and Obama and the Dems need not rest on their laurels.

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October 11, 2008

Election map update

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The map above is the state of play for October 11, 2008. I just had to post it to show Georgia, a reliable GOP state, has been flipped from “Strong GOP” to “Lean GOP.” When and if it goes to “Tossup” we’ll know all the wheels are off the wagon and the Cherokees have definitely captured it. (Sorry, this is a song from my childhood called “Three wheels on my wagon.” Looking it up for the link, I found out was co-written by Burt Bacharach! And in a previously unremembered line, how appropriate is it that it says ““Will you hush up? You and your maps!”)

If you prefer cartograms, try this one from mydd.com. Shows the same overall pattern but the disparity more clearly (cartogram by electoral vote).

By the way, speaking of maps, Adena has a point here. In a good catch, she notes that there are more hits on the pretty picture than the use to which it might be put. I have to admit I had not seen the new AAAS analysis of South Ossetia despite having mentioned them in a couple of articles recently.

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