September 6, 2009

Our Gîte and Poilly

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More pics of our Gîte in Poilly. By the way, we heard several ways to pronounce this difficult word. For such a small village it has a large difficulty! Can any French speaker give me the authoritative answer? We settled on poo-ee (swallowing the ls) but someone else thought it should be poo-lee. The other difficult one was Reims which we started pronouncing as “Rayms” but moved to “Rance” with a rolled ‘r’ and “French” emphasis!

View from the garden out over the front yard and gates. From this pic it looks more built up than it was, this is so very rural here, although not too far from Reims.


Our back garden, with an angled shot between the house and the barn to the countryside towards Sarcy. Same direction as the previous shot but from further back. We never identified the funny “garlic” bush in the foreground!


View from the back of our house. We had a sort of hedge, which if you went through it, this is what was out back. Poilly is a smallish place so plenty of fields in all directions. Note the characteristic red lamp posts. Also the poppies.


Village football, every Sunday. Just down the lane were some nice horses (pic below).


Sunday football is quite popular apparently!


Our neighbors. Their sign said they did metalwork and you can see some in this picture.


Friendly horses in Poilly. There were some others not so friendly!


Moonrise over the barn one night. Hard to capture the moon low down on the horizion of course. One’s impression in real life is that the moon is so much larger!



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