May 25, 2009

Top Secret — Bigot Maps

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Reproductions of the Top Secret “Bigot” maps used in the Normandy D-Day invasions, June 1944. (Bigot was a secrecy classification.)

According to information on the maps these were produced by the Geographical Service General Staff (GSGS), which I believe was part of the War Office (UK). Who made the maps, or where the information came from (presumably a joint US-UK effort) would be an interesting story if it’s not already told somewhere.

From the Perry-Castañeda library via ww2dday.com site, who seems to have got them from a relative who landed on the “Omaha” beach.

Related story in the NGS Magazine, June 2002.


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  1. Yes, you are correct. The map above is the copy of the original carried by my “late” uncle, Tech Sgt. Harry F. Green of the 110th Field Artillery, U.S. 29th Infantry Division on D-Day. His brother and brother-in-law were also in the same unit. Harry was the oldest land outlived brother David and brother-in-law, John F. Boose. Harry died 2 days shy of his 93rd birthday in January of 2009. I’ve been to the beach “many” times. There are a couple major mistakes. The railroad is shown running through Vierville. Actually, the tracks were pulled up some 10 years prior to D-Day. The “chau de Vaumicel” is actually L’Hormel, where A-5th Rangers under Lt. Charles Parker put up a valiant fight before they made their way to Pt. du Hoc to join the 3 Ranger Companies that landed there. To the right of the Vierville (D-1) Draw is where Companies A,B and C of 2nd Ranger Battalion landed. In front of the Draw is where A-116th Infantry of Bedford,Virginia was wiped out in less then 15 minutes.
    Lt. William Bostick, US Navy did the 2 maps of Omaha Beach and the 2 maps of Utah Beach while on-board the USS Ancon.

    Comment by Tim — December 16, 2009 @ 3:20 am

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