January 10, 2009

Fairbanks, Alaska

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Just back from Fairbanks Alaska, where I spent most of December and New Year’s. It was -40F when they let the fireworks off at 8pm on New Year’s Eve (12 midnight EST). And foggy–they love their ice fogs!

I put a weather widget in the about box on the right.

Here are some vids and pics.

This is the view towards the ridgeline, with some people going x-country skiing. It’s much warmer on the hills than in the valley! Sometimes up to 30 degree difference.

This was cold. It got colder though, -42 while I was there. On the other hand, since it’s a desert, the dryness and lack of wind make something like 15F fairly bearable, even -15F is OK.

Midday! This is 12:49pm. The sun hovers just along the horizon when it does come up above it (around 11am when I was there, only to set 3.5 hours later). But there are effectively twice that amount of visible light, I suppose due to the clouds and snow reflecting light all around.

It’s so cold that any emissions such as smoke or steam (as from the UAF power plant here) creates an amazing celestial plume, here looking like a tornado. Cars have the same effect, and look like they’re on fire.

Closeup of plume.

Cars look like this, but this doesn’t really capture it. This was 12:48pm. Click for larger version (you can see the gas prices in the back, $2.42 a gallon–cheap!).

Christmas Day, about 3:40 pm (after sunset). I did have the camera set to automatic so it adjusted for the low light, but you can get an idea of the light all the same.

No aurora unfortunately!


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