November 28, 2008

Weird personal PKD coincidences: Geoff Ryman

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Work with PKD material long enough and strange and weird coincidences will begin, which you will be tempted to spin out in long elaborate philosophizing as to the meaning of it all.

Case in point: my mother used to live in London. She worked near Euston station at Friends House, and she and her husband shared a flat in a place called Rigdmount Gardens (this was years ago; probably in the 1980s sometime–she no longer lives there having retired to the Cotswolds). One time though the nice American couple upstairs (two men she thought might be gay..my mother is quite innocent about things like that though very liberal and inf act was working for the Quakers at the time; Dick’s own life was somewhat Quaker influenced as well I believe) invited her and her husband for “brunch.”

Not really knowing what this was my mother and her husband dressed up nicely and went upstairs, only to find that the couple were dressed very informally in sweatpants or something! She was quite embarrassed by this. But anyway, one of the couple, it came out, was a science fiction writer, in fact was called Geoff Ryman. She told me this knowing I was an sf fan (I did not live in London and in fact was not even in the UK and thus I was not able to meet him though my mother said she would introduce me). She thought I might know of him.

Well as PKD fans may remember Ryman wrote a stage adaptation of the Transmigration of Timothy Archer, which he performed at an sf con somewhere (can’t remember which one though it might have been Mexicon or the Worldcon; anyway one of the UK cons, PKD Society Newsletter #4 mentions him performing it at the former but I don’t remember going to that; see also his Ridgmount Gardens address on p. 8 of that newsletter). But I did see it live at whatever con it was; it was amazing, and I’ve still got some pictures I took of him on stage. Great, tremendous energy and he had an amazing memory for long solo speeches from the book.

So what is your own personal oddity related to PKD?


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