November 28, 2008

Linda Levy story about Philip K. Dick

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I was going through my PKD notes earlier today and came across this story or account from Linda Levy-Taylor which she posted on rec.arts.sf-lovers in 1989. Normally I would just link to this but unfortunately the Google database of the Usenet groups does not include this posting. Luckily I printed it out at the time and kept it, among some other papers from Usenet.

Linda Levy met Philip K. Dick in 1972 and for a while became on of the “dark haired girls.” Some of her story is available as a letter she wrote to the PKD Society in 1989 (#20), some of the facts of which are disputed by Tessa Dick.

I think it’s quite a funny, tiny little story about PKD. Maybe somebody can find it on some other database of sf-lovers.




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