October 19, 2008

Republican former Secretary of State endorses Obama

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As you’ve probably heard, Colin Powell broke with his party today and endorsed Barack Obama for president. What’s significant about this (as far as the race goes, and putting aside the content and reasoning behind the announcement which is being analysed very well elsewhere) is that it chews up precious news cycles for McCain. The press needs something new almost every day and Powell chose one of the most important news cycles of the week to make his announcement–the Sunday talk shows (and Monday morning newspaper headlines).

And it had international coverage:

The Times:

Colin Powell, one of America’s most respected Republicans, today endorsed Barack Obama in his presidential bid, declaring him a “transformational figure” and delivering a stinging rebuff to John McCain, a man he has known for 25 years.

The BBC:

Powell move a bitter blow to McCain

By Kevin Connolly
BBC News, Washington

It is getting harder and harder to remember the last time anything happened in Campaign 2008 that John McCain’s camp would regard as clear, unambiguous good news.

International Herald Tribune:

Colin Powell breaks with party and endorses Obama

WASHINGTON: Colin Powell, who was secretary of state in the Bush administration, broke with his party Sunday to offer a stunning and powerfully worded endorsement to Senator Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy.

Powell, a retired general, described Obama as a “transformational figure.”

Of course Powell is fully culpable in the case of the Iraq war, but he has distanced himself from Bush in a way that McCain claims to have done, but hasn’t. (He still shouldn’t be a Obama cabinet member though.) This will be attractive for independents. Liberal bloggers are talking about a large mandate in the election (but still working hard to achieve the victory) in order to truly repudiate the last 8 years. Endorsements like this will help. Don’t believe? Sit back and wait for the winger smears of Powell.


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