October 5, 2008

Turing test next Sunday

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Apparently next Sunday will see a bunch of computers attempt to pass the Turing test, devised by the English mathematician and wartime code-breaker, Alan Turing. In the Turing test as he outlined it in the 1950s if a person can have a conversation with a computer and a human and not be able to tell them apart, the computer is artificially intelligent.

One of the computers to be tested is called Ultra Hal after the famous computer in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. Here’s a sample of two conversations, one human and one from Ultra Hal. See if you can tell the difference–it’s actually fairly easy.

Conversation one:

Subject: Hello. My name is Nick and I am a human.

KW: Are you happy being a human?

Subject: Yes, I am. Are you? Good. Then we are both happy.

KW: Yes, I am. Are you happy with your life at present?

Subject: Parts of it. I hate my job, but most people do, right?

KW: I’m OK with mine. What is your job?

Subject: I work as an ‘online internet advertising monitor’, which is fancy language for electronic filing. What do you do?

KW: I interrogate humans and machines.

Subject: Which ones do you prefer, humans or machines?

KW: Which do you prefer?

Subject: Hmm. Depends on for what purpose you mean.

KW: To go to a restaurant, for example?

Subject: Then I would much prefer going with a human.

Conversation two:

Subject: Hello, my name is Mike and I am a man.

KW: Are you happy being a human?

Subject: Judge, I’m a guy.

KW: Does that worry you?

Subject: Don’t worry, we’ll work everything through.

KW: Do you have worries then?

Subject: Let’s move on from that basis.

KW: Why?

Subject: Why? I like this subject.

KW: What is the subject, do you think?

Subject: What is the subject I wonder if I think? I know that it’s good to thonk about. Think deeplt about mysterious subjects.

KW: What mysterious subjects?

Subject: Think deeply about mysterious dubjects.

KW: What’s a dubject?


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