September 26, 2008

Antzropologee haz a blog

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Antzropologee has a blog, I can has a blog?

Yes, the Savage Minds blog reports that the AAA (American Anthropological Association) has blogged a series of changes that its ethics committee is proposing. OK, that’s two blogs, but the one I’m interested in is the AAA one.

The AAG does not have a blog, nor have I ever seen such an open discussion of anything its committees are proposing. I’m not talking about minutes of meetings after all the decisions were taken by a committee. I’m talking open, blog-based (ie comments on), rateable (Digg, etc) open discussion. These revisions are now being forwarded to the membership for a vote.

Here is the AAA President’s note:

I thought it was important to send you the details of this lengthy and complicated process; therefore, the full text of the original motions from the November 30, 2007 AAA Business Meeting that initiated this revision of the ethics code, a summary of the consultation process including the committees, subcommittees, commissions and appointed individuals who worked on various drafts and the text of the proposed revision finally passed by the Executive Board are attached. The next step is to circulate this proposed revision widely and provide adequate time for the Section Assembly, Sections, and all AAA members to discuss and debate the proposed new wording. I expect that this discussion will occupy much of the AAA website blog, the Business Meeting and panels and meetings in San Francisco. After the annual meeting and the aforementioned period of discussion and debate, an email ballot will be sent out asking you to vote yea or nay on this proposal.

Maybe we should ask the AAG “I can haz democracee?”

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