April 13, 2008

Arsenal crash to United 2-1 (MSM: “This is excellent news for Arsenal”)

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Liverpool’s success in putting four past the Gunners in the Champs League was followed by another Arsenal defeat today at Old Trafford.

The American media were quick with their analysis. “This is excellent news for the Republicans Arsenal.”

Earlier, Torres had scored his 30th goal of the season (his debut season…). We’re now 5 points clear of the Toffees and looking at more Champs League action next season.

Have Liverpool done better this season? There were high hopes of a real title challenge, and that didn’t happen. Obviously hated Utd look favorite to retain it. Last season we came 3rd and this season we’re 5 points off that right now with 4 to play. (We may catch Arsenal at the this rate, the way they’re playing.)

On the other hand last season we won 20 games and got 68 points out of a possible 114 (59.7% take rate). This season we’ve already got 66 points which is currently a 64.% take rate of available points. We’ve only lost 4 times (as have league leaders Utd) but the real difference this season is draws: 12 so far (8 last year, with 10 losses).

The difference this season is that we converted those losses into draws. So yes, in that sense I think we’ve done better this season; it’s just that the other big 3 are still better. (United’s take rate last season was 78.1%, this season it’s 78.4%; Chelsea’s is currently 74.7%).

Another factor is that the lower clubs I think are worse this year. Derby are abysmal (losing 6-0 yesterday to… Villa). I heard somewhere they are on track to be the worst ever Premier League team (worse than Sunderland a couple of years ago!). It would be interesting to see the number of points the top of the table took from the bottom of the table but I’m not gonna do that math. I bet it’s more this year though.

Anyway that’s my analysis. I made up “take rate” so pliz send $0.01when you use it.


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