April 3, 2008

Unfairness on progressive blogs decreasing readership?

Filed under: politics — ubikcan @ 12:22 pm

This blog presents data that increased partisan unfairness during 2008 has served to drive down readership at a number of blogs (typically pro-Obama):

A review of monthly traffic on 5 major progressive blogs (2 pro-Obama, one neutral, 2 pro-Clinton) reveals some interesting statistics. Beyond mere stats, though, lies a story – are the blogs that lean strongly toward one candidate or the other hurting themselves – and in the process, Democratic Party chances in November?

However, the methodology seems a little informal.

Speaking from personal experience I’ve unsubscribed from AMERICAblog due to its unfair and biased comments from its owner John Aravosis (plus the 4-column design doesn’t help, what’s up with that).

Just last year blogs like this were saying “I’m pleased with all 3 major Dem candidates (Edwards, Clinton, Obama)” now they are getting indistinguishable from right wing smear machines. They’re not there yet but it has turned me off (I still read DailyKos though it appears to me that he has changed his opinion about seating the Michigan and Florida delegates since last year).
I am by no means a Clintonista and it wouldn’t matter if I were (though I can’t help wondering where the media attention to the fact that women got the vote in this country40-50 years after African-Americans).

I think it’s still possible to favor partisanship on blogs as a way of counter-acting the conservative media bias we have in this country, but unfairness is another matter (eg cherry picking criticisms that apply to more than one person and overlooking troubling aspects of the Obama campaign, viz., his tendency to theocracy and gullibility on right-wing talking points).

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