January 19, 2008

Kos gets it wrong

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Don’t say I never make these kinds of posts. But Kos gets it wrong.

He’s been defending Obama who said that, compared to the Democrats, the Republicans were “the party of ideas.” This comment comes in association with Obama’s citing Reagan as a worthy president.

I think to most people that phrase would be a recognition of leadership and power, but no, Kos defends Obama’s statement by saying he (Obama) meant that the GOP only had bad ideas:

Yes, Republicans had ideas. Yes, they were looking outside conventional wisdom for solutions to problems.

Yes, they were bad ideas. But Obama didn’t say otherwise. He just said they had ideas.

And they did. Their entire movement was built on them, like it or not.

As they say in Harry Potter: riddicolus!

Kos now adds:

I’m surprised I have to write this, but apparently I do:

Just because you don’t like an idea, doesn’t mean it’s not an idea.

That’s nice and I guess you’re feeling the heat, but apparently it’s also necessary to add: just because you say one party has all the ideas doesn’t mean you dislike those ideas. But more importantly, what about the Democratic party ideas–are they just chopped liver to Obama?

Update: TPM agrees (see last update to their post):

It’s probably worth pointing out that Obama’s quote is saying that the GOP “challenged conventional wisdom” and suggests by default that the Dems didn’t have any ideas. At the very least this is a poor choice of words on Obama’s part.

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