October 25, 2007


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Ogle Earth has another sensible reaction to the latest story that terrorists are “using” Google Earth to plot their actions.

It’s not the sort of endorsement one wishes for. But Abu Walid is trying to boast about his militancy, as his Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is now trying to outdo Hamas in the toughness stakes in order to win over the Gazan population. Google Earth is mentioned because it is a new tool — it is the best way yet to find the local supermarket, regardless of who you are. The Volkswagen bus used to transport the rocket doesn’t rate a mention by Abu Walid, but that’s because both we and he are used to terrorists having cars.

No doubt Second Amendment rightists will endorse this view as well (which makes me uncomfortable). But look, if you take away Google Earth (or censor portions of the world) you would perhaps make some minor impact on these guys until they found another way to get the imagery (and it is definitely available from other, non-US sources) and for sure at the same time make its usage by ordinary people needlessly difficult.

In the case of guns the alternatives are knives and fists which are definitely less dangerous than street sweepers and armor piercing shells.


  1. Street sweepers? Are you talking about the big trucks with the twirling brushes and giant vacuums? I’m pretty sure you need some kind of license to use one of those things! They ARE dangerous.

    But guns, on the other hand…

    Comment by BenSlater — October 26, 2007 @ 7:40 am

  2. Ha. Naw, man I mean the semi auto shotgun.

    But yeah, can you imagine being pulled under one of those trucks?? FWOP!

    Comment by ubikcan — October 26, 2007 @ 8:09 am

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