October 22, 2007

Things Dickian

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I haven’t been keeping up on things Dickian lately.

Previously I’ve provided you with facsimile copies of the famous “Tagore” letter and short glimpses from some of my PKD collection dating back to the early 1980s.

Here’s a follow-up to the Gopnik piece in the New Yorker: a letter of response from Anne Dick herself (from Total Dick-Head).

Here also is news of a strange biopic of PKD where they aren’t allowed to use his actual name! (vai TDH)

But it’s not confidence-inducing:

Much like David Cronenberg’s “Naked Lunch,” the film mixes fiction and reality into a drug-addled concoction that’ll leave audience members questioning reality in a way that would make Dick proud. “Instead of being Vikki, I’m Nikki … It’s all based on [his life], but it’s all imaginative. Plus, he’s on meth – so, it’s all a bit skewed.”

I don’t suppose there will ever be a time in the popular imagination when PKD isn’t thought of in terms of drugs or madness, but Anne Dick comments:

Dear sirs:

I was married to Philip K Dick for five years in the late fifties and early sixties, a period when he wrote some of his best sci fi novels. They were not, as your frequent contributor says maliciously, “speed fueled”. How would he know anyway? I didn’t notice him observing what was going on in my house from the corner of a room. Philip was dedicated to his writing, loved doing it and wrote effortlessly. When I was married to him he was a kind, loving, modest man, helpful around the house, and wonderful with the children. My four daughters remember him fondly. He was a great listener, an entertaining talker, lovable and loving. A paragon of a husband–-for a good while.

The New Yorker were going to publish a condensed letter but she refused (too bad; most magazines only have limited letter space and she should have accepted, imho).

Another possible biopic is named after his incomplete last book An Owl in Daylight.

Finally, Isa Dick-Hackett was interviewed for a French publication and once again, TDH has the scoop.

Thanks to TDH for the great blog and I recommend his article on PKD here. I know I’m not adding anything new here but I like to access these articles later and this post will help find them altogether!

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