September 20, 2007

Barren and worthless Democrats

Filed under: politics — ubikcan @ 6:01 pm

Glenn Greenwald really lets it fly in today’s column (apropos Michael Ledeen’s selective innuendos) but this time his target is Senate Democrats:

York went on to note, helpfully, that “No Republican voted against condemning the MoveOn ad,” but Democrats split 22-25 in favor of the Resolution. Congratulations to Dianne Feinstein, Pat Leahy, Jim Webb and 19 other Senate Democrats for finally finding something they can get done with the control of the Congress given to them by the American voter. Nobody can say anymore that they have achieved nothing.

By condemning the largest and most active anti-war organization in the country, at least Bill Kristol won’t say anything mean about them. It’s too bad they have never found the time or inclination to pass resolutions condemning the endless attacks on the patriotism and integrity of war opponents, including decorated combat veterans within their own party. Is there anything left to say about how barren and worthless these Senate Democrats are? I can’t find anything.

While you could argue that this vote was merely politics as usual and largely symbolic, Greenwald is right to point out that it gives tremendous political cover to the GOP. What’s the point of being voted into the majority if you just hand it over to the opposition?

Coupled with the previous post on the vote for habeas corpus and dwell time and “unanimous consent” on needing 60 votes to pass (don’t recall the GOP being so generous) it has been a bad week for Dems. Whenever people say “what’s the difference between the parties” I always do point out the differences (would Gore or Hillary Clinton have gone to war in Iraq?) but this argument is only weakened by these capitulations.

No wonder congressional ratings are low–we voted you in, for God’s sake do something!


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