June 22, 2007

Questions for concern trolls

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As Instaputz notes, when faced with a so-called Libertarian or “unaffiliated” concern trolls, these are the kinds of questions you should ask. These ones are for so-called Libertarian (but actually GOP) blogger Instapundit, but apply equally to other trolls as well:

  • Do you believe it should be the United States’ policy to assassinate Iranian civilians?
  • You say you’re a libertarian. When was the last time you voted for a libertarian candidate?
  • What does “winning” in Iraq actually mean, and how much longer do you think that will take?
  • If the United States doesn’t “win” by your standard, who will be responsible?
  • Throughout the war and before he was fired, you insisted that Donald Rumsfeld was being unfairly criticized for his performance and called the generals who did so “cowardly.” Do you have second thoughts about that after he was fired?
  • Also, from 2003-2006, you insisted that more troops in Iraq weren’t necessary. But when the President called for more troops, you changed your mind. Why?
  • You claim the GOP lost the midterm elections because of pork. Do you have any polling evidence to support this theory?
  • Do you really believe, as you wrote, that Andrew Sullivan is a “bigot” when he maintains that the GOP has a problem with “Christianism” — that is, Christian activists in the GOP who fuse a specific religious doctrine with politics?
  • Why do you think so many Republicans have a problem with evolution?
  • Are you against the Bush Administration’s use of torture? If so, why haven’t you called for the resignation of those responsible?
  • I’m sure you’re aware that the Cato Institute has been documenting the Constitutional abuses by the Bush Administration for years. Are you concerned about that, as a libertarian?
  • You claimed, again and again, that Valerie Plame wasn’t covert. But Patrick Fitzgerald clearly indicated that she was, and, in any case, if she wasn’t, why would the CIA ask the DOJ to investigate her outing? How did you arrive at such a false conclusion?
  • Who are you supporting in 2008? Ron Paul or another libertarian candidate?
  • You’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of the surge since it began, and have written extensively about how it’s working. Do you still believe that?

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