June 22, 2007

Lieberman good for Dems?

Filed under: politics — ubikcan @ 2:58 pm

Quoting Daily Kos, another “hard left” source (so weird! and on a left-progressive blog as well!):

We need Lieberman to keep doing fundraisers for his Republican friends. They’re proving lucrative for Democrats.

Moveon.org jumped on Lieberman for helping Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, raise money for her 2008 re-election campaign […]

But liberal groups also see Lieberman as a liability, not a help to GOP candidates. Moveon.org says it was able to raise a whopping $355,000 during a 24-hour e-mail fundraising campaign for anti-war House members Tom Allen, D-Maine, and Patrick J. Murphy, D-Pa. Allen plans to challenge Collins for her Senate seat.

“We encourage Sen. Lieberman to do fundraisers for other Republican senators who support the Iraq War,” said Moveon.org Executive Director Eli Pariser.

Yesterday diarists led a 24-hour fundraising drive for Allen, and he’s clocked in nearly $20K from all ActBlue sources. Anyone wanting to add an exclamation point to this hearty F.U. to Lieberman should consider dropping $10 or whatever to Allen.

We’re going to have a real chance next year to get rid of one of Lieberman’s best friends in the Senate. Let’s not pass up this opportunity.


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