June 22, 2007

Interview with Nancy Pelosi

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More “far left” news (sorry trolls!):

MyDD Interview with Nancy Pelosi

Yesterday morning, Wednesday June 20, I had the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes with the Speaker of the United States House, Nancy Pelosi.

During the interview, which immediately followed Speaker Pelosi’s speech at the Take Back America conference, we covered some of the questions you raised as well as some that had been in my mind for some time, touching on issues ranging from Iraq to global warming to immigration reform.

Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker has been one marked by huge legislative gains, and she is obviously very popular with her colleagues (just yesterday, most Republicans joined Dems in voting against a mean-spirited amendment that attempted to restrict her travel abroad). On the other hand, there is obviously much to do, and she still needs to hear from progressives to push for further gains even if she and Reid don’t yet have a veto-proof majority.

Let’s remember that Dems won the elections, and elections have consequences.

Jonathan Singer: You talked about the real need to have 60 votes in the Senate and perhaps even 67 and 290 in the House to override the President and get things done. Even understanding that, given the fact that the standing of Congress has declined since Iraq has really been on the table in Congress, do you feel like something else should have been done? You could have taken different steps? Or what does it tell you about moving forward?

Nancy Pelosi: I believe that we’re right on course. We had the votes to say that there are timelines and the President had to honor them. The President vetoed the bill. There isn’t much more you can do after that.


Singer: So on this path, what are the next steps?

Pelosi: We have a number of options, but the timing will relate to when we think it’s best to do them. One will be to repeal the authority of the President’s ability to conduct the war. Another will be to have appropriations similar to the McGovern resolution that says that our troops come home, except to fight Al Qaeda, protect our diplomats and train the Iraqis. A much, much, much smaller number of troops would be needed for that.


Singer: Just one final question. If there’s one message that you’d like to send to the netroots today, to the progressive blogosphere, what would that message be?

Pelosi: The one message, the biggest issue for me in this Congress is to end the war, to bring the troops home. I’m as disappointed as anyone that that hasn’t happened yet. There’s 60 votes needed in the Senate, a President’s signature that’s needed to change what’s happening in Iraq. But we cannot let those obstacles be barriers to our changing the course there.

So my message to the netroots at this point would be, let’s work together to show that unity with the American people, who want this war to end, to convince the Congress and the President that it has to come to an end.

More here, with some interesting debate in the comments.


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