June 21, 2007

Digby revealed and gives fantastic speech

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Digby was revealed earlier this week. This famous blogger (just type the single word “digby” into your location bar up top and it will take you right there) has for several years offered some of the best political reporting to be found.

For many people, myself included, it was chastening experience to find out that she was a woman.

Here is part of her speech. (Full video here.)

If you have something to say you can say it–and if it touches a chord, people will return time and again to read what you’ve written and discuss the issues of the day with others who are reading the same things.

Al Gore, a man who knows something about the Internet, wrote in his book, The Assault on Reason:

“The Internet is perhaps the greatest source of hope for reestablishing an open communications environment in which the conversation of democracy can flourish… It is the most interactive medium in history… with the greatest potential for connecting individuals to one another and to a universe of knowledge.”

So… the netroots is… a revolution. A revolutionary participatory democracy. And, in this way, the left is more effective than the right. Whether by temperament or philosophy, we are simply better suited to the free-form, constantly changing nature of these new political communities.

The part where she talks about activism and the internet is particularly powerful. For the internet offers the opportunity for creative people to express themselves without hindrance or barriers such as those imposed by “bodies of knowledge,” certificates and MAPPS-like QBS obstacles.


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