May 30, 2007

Google Streetview amusement

Filed under: Surveillance — ubikcan @ 10:15 pm

Has it come to this?

Jonathan Crowe gets all bothered about people complaining about their houses and cats being photographed. No expectation of privacy! Clap louder!

Soon, we’ll measure the efficacy of mapping by the “cat in window” or CIW quotient, or maybe just the lolcat quotient: “Im up in yr mapz!”

Sheesh. Anyway, guess what. Barely a day has gone by and up has sprung Google Streetviewr, which lists all the amusing/weird sites you would expect to be captured if you drove a van round San Francisco for long enough.

Ooh, illegal: not supposed to take piccies here since 9/11. Threat of terrists, don’t ask kweshins.

Wired gets first nekkid ppl:


Cheap gas

Wake up America

…and finally THE FAMOUS FRANK CHU:



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