March 21, 2007

It’s the coverup that gets ya

Filed under: politics — ubikcan @ 12:05 am

If Attorney General Albert Gonzales goes (and since when do people need to get phone calls from superiors to assure them they are still in the job?) it will illustrate the Nixonian adage that it’s the coverup that will get you every time.

Just as Nixon was brought down not so much by a burglary, Gonzales is not falling because of his “torture memo” or personal relationship with Bush, or even really the firings of the USAs. It’s the coverup and the deceit that come afterwards that people can’t stomach. That, and the fact that the Senate feels it can get some of the powers it gave up to Bush with his Patriot Act.

Subpoenas will be issued tomorrow at 10:15am for Rover et al., despite Bush’s press conference tonight.

Updated: here they are, as expected.

Expect to hear a lot suddenly from the right wing noise machine about how great Executive Privilege is, something they sure didn’t feel under Clinton.


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