March 14, 2007

ESRI: still ridiculous

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ESRI is still ridiculous (see previous post).

ArcView 9.2 system requirements:

Hardware Requirements

CPU Speed:

1.0 GHz recommended or higher


Intel Pentium or Intel Xeon Processors


512 MB minimum, 1 GB recommended or higher

If using the ArcSDE Personal Edition for Microsoft SQL Server Express software, 2 GB of RAM is required.

Screen Resolution:
1024 x 768 recommended or higher

Display Properties:

Greater than 256 color depth

Swap Space:

Determined by the operating system, 500 MB minimum.

Disk Space:

1.2 GB

Disk Space Requirements:

In addition, up to 50 MB of disk space maybe needed in the Windows System directory (typically C:\Windows\System32). You can view the disk space requirement for each of the 9.2 components in the Setup program.


Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 Requirement:
Some features of ArcView 9.2 require a minimum installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0 or 7.0. If you do not have an installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0/7.0, you must obtain and install it prior to installing ArcView. (Please also see IE7_ Limitations)

.NET Framework 2.0:
-.Net Framework 2.0 is required for the core metadata tools (ESRI Metadata Translator, Metadata Publisher, USGS MP Metadata Translator, XSLT Transformation). It is also required to install the ArcGIS .NET assemblies required to run .NET-based apps written against ArcGIS 9.2. These .NET resources are installed with the .NET Support installation option or the complete installation option when .NET Framework 2.0 exists on the target computer.

– ArcGIS Desktop Developer Kits require VS2005 (which includes .NET 2.0) for .NET and VC++.

-.NET Framework 2.0 is provided on the DVD media in a DotNet20 folder for your convenience.

License Manager Requirements:
– Simple TCP/IP, Network Card or Microsoft Loopback Adapter is required for the License manager to work.

– The License Manager is supported on Windows Server 2003. Refer to ESRI Knowledge Base Article FAQ: Is the License Manager supported on Windows Server 2003? for more information.

Additional Requirements:
– 24-bit capable graphics accelerator

– DVD-ROM drive

Additional Requirements for ArcGlobe (as part of 3D Analyst):
– CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz recommended or higher

– Disk Space: ArcGlobe will create cache files when used; additional disk space may be required.

Additional Software and Development Requirements:
An OpenGL 1.2 or higher compliant video card is required, with at least 32 MB of video memory, however 64 MB of video memory or higher is recommended.

Python Requirement for Geoprocessing:
Several ArcGIS geoprocessing tools, such as Multiple Ring Buffer, use the Python scripting language and require that Python is installed. If the ArcGIS Desktop, Engine or Server setup does not find Python 2.4.1 on the target computer, it will install Python 2.4.1 during a typical or complete installation. You may choose a Custom installation to unselect the Python feature to avoid installing this feature. See the install guide for additional information concerning Python.


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