February 22, 2007

MAPPS: not dead yet

Filed under: GIS, politics — ubikcan @ 10:47 am

The legal case concerning licensing of GIS users is not dead yet. Directions Magazine wonders why there has been little discussion of it so far. Lack of time? Feeling of ineffectualness? Because professional organizations aren’t involved politically and don’t lobby?

Maybe all these. But also the case has been characterized (not least by DM) as only being about those who will have federal contracts to do GIS–the rest of the GIS world is unaffected. That position, it seems to me, is unnecessarily pro-MAPPS. The AAG and other organizations (URISA, GITA etc.) have all expressed opposition to MAPPS. Some of their arguments are recorded here.

Part of the discussion then, needs to be about what effects this lawsuit will have, rather than just assuming it won’t have much effect.

DM has stated that the trial will take place tomorrow, Friday.


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