February 11, 2007

Inland Empire

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David Lynch’s new movie is called Inland Empire, and I saw it at its first showing in Atlanta (5:20pm on Friday 9 Feb. for the record).I didn’t mean to, I only found that out afterward. I like a lot of Lynch’s work, but I knew nothing about this film except it had been a while since Mulholland Dr. I didn’t know it was three hours long. After about 2 and a quarter hours I figured (from the time of the next showing) that it was going to be. I might have had dinner beforehand though if I’d known!

You may feel unnerved by this film but there is no help for it. As David Lynch has said he’s not going to explain the film because he doesn’t want to turn it back into text. That implies that text and films are two different kinds of experiences. Of course, he does turn it a little back right there since he said it and I’m typing it.

Also, however, it suggests the idea that a film is at the level of experience and text (or thought) is at the level of analysis.

Laura Dern is amazing. She’s officially credited with two characters (and as someone pointed out should be nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress) but she plays at least one other role (the one where she tells her story to the club manager/psychiatrist guy who takes the phone call).

As a coffee drinker and lately a sometime coffee roaster, there’s another great coffee scene in the movie. Remember in Mulholland Dr. when they bring an espresso in to the boss guy and he spits it out? Of course, there was Twin Peaks as well: <Agent Cooper drinks coffee and immediately spits it out> “damn good coffee” … “and hot!”

(There’s a David Lynch brand of coffee).

Also, I don’t think it’s a phonograph at the beginning but a machine for cutting or recording records.


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