February 2, 2007

Attack on Foucault’s Italian brother

Filed under: Foucault, politics — ubikcan @ 1:28 am

I wonder what’s it like to live on another planet? Well, the right-wing National Review attempts to give us a taste:

But the most popular and influential intellectual force against free speech on campus today is the work of French post-moderninst, Michele Foucault. [sic]

You might be forgiven for thinking the date was the 1980s and the right’s attack on the the campus was still in full swing.

Wait, there’s more:

Foucault’s enormously influential work amounts to a comprehensive assault on the intellectual underpinnings of classic liberalism.

So wait, if you’re critical of liberalism you’re against free speech? Or, not:

True, unlike Marcuse and MacKinnon, Foucault does little to directly attack the ethos of free speech.

Ah. Ummm…, or is it:

We’re dealing with continuing waves of intellectual challenge to the very underpinnings of liberalism and free speech.


If this was some random comment, fine. But you do see it from time to time and you have to wonder just what planet they’re on.

You might also want to get Foucault’s name right.

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