January 15, 2007

Not dead yet!

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Just been away for a while. Hope to get back to more frequent blogging this month.

Part of my trip was to the UK and I was pleasantly surprised by things over there: people are friendly and service was good (it’s been over 2 years since I was there). The weather was grey, windy and rainy, but it is winter of course. The temps were actually quite mild (around 10 degrees C or more). Certainly no snow. The really shocking thing were the prices compared to the US.

I went into a Starbucks for the sake of comparison and found them pretty similar to here if you multiply the price by 1.5 or 2X. They still ask if you want your coffee “white” or “black”!

Had some great Indian food (and some very poor Indian food). Still important to know where to go. We ordered one dish at “fire” levels and my friend, who can take the spiciest (hottest) food there is found it to be “nicely spiced”! Meanwhile I raided several chippies and had my steak and kidney pie. Should last me another two years!

While there we bought two cell phones (mobiles). The UK seems much more advanced than the US in this department. The phones were about 60 pounds each. We got them on a pay as you go plan (you top up in newsagents or on the web). Receiving calls is free, texts are 10p. But you can put your phone on any network. Our phones were Motorola (“hello Moto”) and much more snazzy than my Sanyo over here. Calls are about 25p a minute, but if you make more than 3 mins of calls in a day, the rate drops to 4p a minute. But texting is very popular and I learned how to do T9 texting (word completion) finally. (Just type as if the letter you need is the only one on that key and it will guess the word and complete it for you, showing therest of the word in grey which you can accept. It’s surprisingly accurate.)

Unfortunately my phone has this great golf game on it and is sucking up all my leasure time. Must… resist…

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