December 1, 2006

Random waypoints

Filed under: Random — ubikcan @ 8:11 am

Some random thoughts:

1. On NPR this morning a guy observed that for most of human history we’ve recorded ideas and thoughts by writing or carving stuff–moving molecules around. Now however we’re in the era of digital communication, so I presume we’re moving electrons around, and there are a whole lot more of them!

2. The near-strike at the Philly papers this week is blogged by will Bunch (attytood). He simply remarks on something I hadn’t quite thought of before regarding journalistic “neutrality.” In Europe by contrast newspapers are more overtly recognized and self-admitted as occupying a position on the political spectrum (I don’t want to say aligned with particular political parties). Over here there is a pretense of neutrality. Problem is that neutrality can be exploited to push a party line under the guise of neutrality and people (may) accept it. Thius neutrality is more easily corruptible and is anyway false, since newspapers obviously have political preferences (in this country mostly on the center-right).

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